Message From The President

Hello all Washington State ASID Members,

The following is a long overdue President's letter to you – Washington State ASID's chapter members.

A few things I wanted to talk about today:

  • How ASID operates.
  • Who is the Board of Directors for the chapter?
  • What are we (the Board of Directors members) are up to this year?
  • How can You be involved?

ASID solves various goals and overcomes many struggles on the national level. As the biggest Interior Design organization, it is constantly working to build a strong, “highly-educated, socially-conscious design community”.

ASID National:

  • works on Legislation issues - elevating the recognition of the Design Professionals, our rights to work independently, and to be able to be compensated for our work (for example -the right to place a lien has been passed in many states)
  • supports emerging professionals
  • recognizes the emerging and seasoned leaders
  • hosts National Student Portfolio competitions
  • conducts extensive research related to the Design Profession
  • provides Grants supporting sustainable building and design that enhance the Human experience

Here at the chapter level our goals are similar but aimed to service Local emerging and seasoned Professionals.

In order to accomplish these goals, ASID relies on 40 office workers in DC at ASID National Headquarters and thousands of local volunteers throughout the country.

Every chapter is run by volunteers. For every chapter there is a Board of Directors – a group of professionals, Industry Partners, and a Student Representative. There is also intended to be several committees helping the board with the work load. In addition to working on providing educational opportunities the Board also works on Building the Design Community.

  • We've invented a monthly event that we call Wine Wednesday (WW). Our WW is an opportunity for members to experience a vendor and new product offerings each month, to network, to talk to each other and the host, to introduce themselves to the entire group and, maybe, ask a question, or brag and share about an award or other achievement.

Our wonderful Industry Partners provide the location (new each month), food and bits of education, sometimes it's showroom specific, we often combine the WW with a CEU. We've held this event at Hardware Showrooms, Kitchen and Bath's Showrooms, Stone Yards, Furniture Stores, Rug Showrooms, and Tile Distributors, to name a few. Art Galleries, Lighting Distributors and Design Schools to come next this year as well.

Please come and support these Industry Partners who are there for us and work so hard to keep us well informed and our businesses supported, (not to mention the raffle prizes provided)!

  • We visit design schools for various events and Q and A sessions
  • Together with other design organizations (AIA, NKBA, NWSID) we've revived a yearly Student career day at the Seattle Design Center, which is a huge informative event with multiple learning opportunities, and motivational speakers.
  • This year we are working on organizing Design Tours of businesses whose designs won in previous Awards of Excellences. Can you imagine looking at a freshly remodeled Hotel or a Restaurant guided by the very people who designed it?
  • And aside all that we host the fore mentioned Awards of Excellence every Fall.

The Awards of Excellence is a competition juried by design professionals from other states and is open to WA design practitioners or to WA project locations. There are multiple categories encompassing different facets of Commercial and Residential Design. There are also student project categories. Each year we are at awe of all the talent that surrounds us here in WA.


Having said all that, I need to ask for your help. Remember that all the work that you see is done by a handful of volunteers? We do try hard to make the Professional landscape of the design community engaging, useful, and rewarding.

Positions on the Board are held for 2 years (except the president which is one year).

Why are people willing to become bearers of this responsibility? There are many reasons, from exposure to local IP's and practitioners, a genuine desire to bring change, to helping, and to guide students. All our Board Members are just fabulous human beings with hearts of gold. But, does it matter why a person decides to be of service? I think not, I think the important thing is that all of us are there for you – trying to provide education and recognition to your membership.


Although we have better and better engagement and participation at all ASID's events, we have a difficult time recruiting new volunteers. We do not even have a President Elect this year as the delegate that was elected had to withdraw due to personal reasons.

People we need you to apply for these leadership positions and volunteer for committees!

Most of the board changes this October, so we need new, enthusiastic, and forward- thinking people to step into the positions - to keep all of what we've got going - and more for years to come.

I am willing and wanting to hear feedback, ideas, and comments.

Please contact me directly to learn more or express ideas for improvement in the future.


All the Best,

Katerina Bolshakova


Washington State Chapter of ASID