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There are many volunteer opportunities within the Washington State Chapter of ASID. Explore the various opportunities available with our chapter:

Current Vacancies 

Communications Director 
The communications director is a two year, voting board member who plans, executes, and communicates functions of the chapter such as the website, public relations, media outreach, social media, and other internal/external communications.

Professional Development Director
The director of professional development is a two year, voting board member who plans and executes professional development events for the chapter.

Membership Director
The membership director is a two year, voting board member whose basic responsibilities are to increase membership and member retention for the chapter, and serve the current membership.

Please contact the office if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer for this position. Volunteers must be current ASID members in good standing; they can be Professional, Allied, or Industry Partner members.

What Does it Takes to Volunteer at the the Washington State Chapter of ASID

Do you think you have what it takes to volunteer with the Washinton State Chapter of ASID? We are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers that want to make a positive change on the profession.

Attributes of a volunteer:

LEADERSHIP: requires knowledge, talent, skill, vitality, and the ability to make a difference. In an association, this often translates into contributing to the success of programs, events, or projects. Keep track of your contributions and build your professional resume with volunteer activities.

COMMITMENT: serving as an association leader is an honor and a privilege, but it also requires a demonstrated commitment to the organization and its missions and goals.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential to effective teamwork. It takes many people working together to achieve goals and objectives at an association.

PROFESSIONAL: Volunteers must be able to leave personal agendas and politics at the door in order to work for the greater good of the entire organization.

POSITIVE: A volunteer’s behavior and attitude can greatly influence others in the association. The chapter looks for positive attitudes that are optimistic and ready for a challenge.

ENGAGED: To learn about ASID and take small steps into the world of volunteering, it often is best to start at the chapter level. After a few successes at the chapter level it may be worth considering volunteering at the regional, or national level as well. Once involved, more and more opportunities will come your way.

Source: John B. Cox, Professional Practices in Association Management: The Essential Resource for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations (ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership; 2nd Edition 2007), page 7.

Thank You Current Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with the Washington State Chapter of ASID. We appreciate the time that you dedicate to the chapter and we are excited to work with you throughout your volunteer time.

Get Involved Nationally

ASID relies on the commitment and dedication of its member volunteers to keep the Society's programs vital to and inform future projects. The following is a current listing of the Society's committees, councils and task forces. For information on leadership opportunities, email

List of Committees, Councils & Task Forces

Chapter Support Team

Emerging Professionals Advisory Council

Ethics Committee

Legislative and Codes Advisory Council

National Examiners Committee

Student Advisory Council